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npm   0x v4.7.4
🔥 single-command flamegraph profiling 🔥
hex   absinthe v1.3.2
GraphQL for Elixir
hex   absinthe_plug v1.3.1
Plug support for Absinthe, the GraphQL toolkit for Elixir
npm   acorn v6.1.1
ECMAScript parser
npm   adit v1.0.11
SSH tunnels - in any way you want it
npm   aerospike v3.9.0
Aerospike Client Library
npm   agenda v2.0.2
Light weight job scheduler for Node.js
npm   ajv v6.10.0
Another JSON Schema Validator
npm   alex v7.1.0
Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing
npm   algebra v0.12.7
means completeness and balancing, from the Arabic word الجبر
github   amark/gun v0.9.999998
A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, mutable graph protocol to sync the web.
⚡️ GraphQL IDE - An extensive IDE for exploring GraphQL API's
npm   angular v1.7.8
HTML enhanced for web apps
npm   angular2 v2.0.0-beta.21
Angular 2 - a web framework for modern web apps
npm   ansi-escapes v4.0.1
ANSI escape codes for manipulating the terminal
npm   apidoc v0.17.7
RESTful web API Documentation Generator
npm   apollo-client v2.5.1
A simple yet functional GraphQL client.
npm   apollo-server v2.4.8
Production ready GraphQL Server
hex   arc v0.8.0
Flexible file upload and attachment library for Elixir.
npm   archiver v3.0.0
a streaming interface for archive generation