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npm   clipboard-cli v1.1.0
Access the system clipboard (copy/paste)
npm   clipboardy v1.2.3
Access the system clipboard (copy/paste)
npm   cli-table v0.3.1
Pretty unicode tables for the CLI
npm   cli-truncate v1.1.0
Truncate a string to a specific width in the terminal
npm   cloudrail-si v2.21.12
The CloudRail SI SDK for Node.JS, a simple, universal, unified API for the most popular cloud services. Supports: AmazonS3, Box, Backblaze, Dropbox, Egnyte, Facebook, FacebookPage, Foursquare, GitHub, GoogleCloudPlatform, GoogleDrive, GooglePlaces, Google
npm   co v4.6.0
generator async control flow goodness
npm   coffee v5.2.1
Test command line on Node.js.
npm   coffeescript v2.3.2
Unfancy JavaScript
npm   coffee-script v1.12.7
Unfancy JavaScript
npm   colors v1.3.3
get colors in your node.js console
npm   columnify v1.5.4
Render data in text columns. Supports in-column text-wrap.
hex   combine v0.9.6
A parser combinator library for Elixir projects.
hex   comeonin v3.1.0
Password hashing (bcrypt, pbkdf2_sha512) library for Elixir.
npm   commander v2.19.0
the complete solution for node.js command-line programs
npm   compression v1.7.4
Node.js compression middleware
npm   concurrently v4.1.0
Run commands concurrently
npm   conf v3.0.0
Simple config handling for your app or module
npm   config v3.0.1
Configuration control for production node deployments
npm   connect v3.6.6
High performance middleware framework
npm   connect-redis v3.4.1
Redis session store for Connect