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npm   csv-parser v2.2.0
Streaming CSV parser that aims for maximum speed as well as compatibility with the csv-spectrum test suite
npm   ctrace v1.1.5
well-formatted and improved trace system calls and signals (when the debugger does not help)
npm   d3 v5.9.2
Data-Driven Documents
github   dart-lang/sdk vanalyzer-0.33.1
The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.
npm   date-fns v1.30.1
Modern JavaScript date utility library
npm   dateformat v3.0.3
A node.js package for Steven Levithan's excellent dateFormat() function.
npm   david v11.0.0
Node.js module that tells you when your project npm dependencies are out of date.
npm   debug v4.1.1
small debugging utility
npm   decompress v4.2.0
Extracting archives made easy
npm   deep-strict-equal v0.2.0
Test for deep equality - Node.js `assert.deepStrictEqual()` algorithm as a standalone module
npm   del v4.0.0
Delete files and folders
npm   delay v4.1.0
Delay a promise a specified amount of time
github   denoland/deno v0.3.4
A secure JavaScript/TypeScript runtime built with V8, Rust, and Tokio
npm   detect-indent v5.0.0
Detect the indentation of code
npm   dev-time-cli v1.3.5
Get the current local time of a GitHub user.
npm   devtool v2.3.1
runs Node.js programs through Chromium DevTools
github   dgraph-io/dgraph v1.0.13
Fast, Distributed Graph DB
hex   dialyxir v0.5.0
Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
npm   diff2html-cli v2.7.0
Fast Diff to colorized HTML
hex   distillery v1.4.0
Build releases of your Mix projects with ease!